Sunday, April 17, 2011

Boutiques who carry Kwang Jewelry

These are the list of who are carrying Kwang Jewelry.

Winged Monkey - Westport, CT
Funky Monkey - OKC, OK
Hemline - Nashville, TN 
Miss Zulus - Missoula, MT
La Grande Trunk - Valparaiso, IN
Izzy and Ash -
Bivouac - Ann Arbor, MI
Kitsel -
Daily Planet - Los Angeles, CA
Angies Fashion
Pull My Daisy - Silverlake, CA
...Mo, Jo, & Zoe - Truckee, CA
Amara - Switzerland
ChaTo - Mammoth Lakes, Ca
Bella Mia - Urbana, IL
Aquarius - San Antonio, TX
Fox's - Mineola, NY
Bottoms Boutique - Anchorage, AK
T's Accessories - Scottsdale, AZ
...Sanity - Mayfield Height, OH
It's in the bag - Long Islands, NY
Karizma Apparel
Shoe Closet - Witchita Falls, TX
Snap Boutique
Whims - Plainview, NY
Duna Boutique - Russian
...Benji's - Nantucket, MA
Bridget & Stacie - Birmingham, MI
Spinout - Tyler, TX
Raen Boutique - Lincoln, NE
Shores - Sarasota, FL
Imagine That! - Tampa, FL
Excess Baggage - Studio City, CA
Thanks!! Contact us if you'd like to be part of this exciting new KWANG JEWELRY!


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